Our Story

Two enthusiasts, one vision. Tom and ROSS, both passionate about automotive prowess, felt the market lacked a watch that truly embodied the spirit of car enthusiasts. Not just any watch, but one that married the precision of automotive engineering with the elegance of timekeeping.

Today, SKY  Watches are more than just watches store They're a statement, worn proudly by over two hundred thousand automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Crafted Precision

Every  watch begins its journey on paper. Our meticulous sketches capture the essence of automotive excellence, translating it into a wearable masterpiece. It's where engineering meets artistry, and where our passion takes tangible form.

Crafted with precision and inspired by automotive elegance, our timepieces incorporate premium materials and intricate detailing. At SKY Watches, we believe in a balance of aesthetic allure, enduring durability, and unmatched accuracy.

Tom — Founder and CEO